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Facebook Ads For Your Nonprofit

Advanced Targeting Options

Not all Facebook data is used for evil!  We can identify users who care about issues and causes similar to yours and introduce them to your organization. 


We can find you a new audience based on things like: 

  • Age

  • Location

  • Gender

  • Income bracket

  • Gender

  • Family stage/status 

  • Education level

Obsessive a/b testing

We obsessively test audiences, messaging, targeting,
ad placement and graphics to ensure the ultimate combination to deliver an ROI we can be proud of.  

Lookalike audiences

Using your existing audience data, we can create 'lookalike audiences' of Facebook users with similar behaviours and interests and introduce them to your work.  

Using lookalike audiences maximizes your reach and impact without months of data mining. 


When someone visits your website, we can track that data, and then show them relevant sponsored content on Facebook to keep your organization present in his or her mind past that visit. 

audience insights

We can tell you if your current and target audiences are using smartphones or desktops to view your content and adjust strategies accordingly.  We can identify what other causes they care about, in order to target messaging effectively. 

Beautiful ads

Without exceptional, eye-catching copy and design, your ads will still go nowhere.  We have the design team and the data to build the right ads for your nonprofit or campaign.  

Don't be held back by poor design and lack of access to stunning graphics any longer.